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OAES: Introduction to Saddle Fitting

Date: Ongoing (Distance Learning)
Cost: $95


How can I tell if my saddle fits?!

This online course from the Online Academy of Equine Science is designed for owners, riders, trainers and equine healthcare professionals. Students will learn evidence-based principles of saddle fit for English and Western saddles, with practical evaluation and fitting techniques.

The course is divided into 8 parts, with learning exercises at the end of each section.  Although billed as an introduction to saddle fitting, you will find that this course is more comprehensive than most saddle fitting classes.

Students have one year to complete the course after registration.


  • The (5) Components of Saddle Fitting
  • Considerations & Repercussions of Poor Saddle Fit
  • Myths of Saddle Fitting
  • Gullets, Bar Angles and Panels – What Does it All Mean?
  • Anatomy of English Saddles
  • Anatomy of Western Saddles


This course is open to all owners, riders, trainers and equine healthcare professionals.

Required Materials

Learning exercises at the end of each section are included in the cost of the class.


Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW, (hon)MSc.

Debranne sees equine anatomy with the eyes of both a body worker and an artist. Her teaching is infused with her basic delight in both the anatomical precision that excellent bodywork requires and the dynamic variation that teaching anatomy on (mostly living, nibbling, opinionated) horses often presents. Her knack for seeing the bones and muscles with an artist’s eye and her unique way of taking the body apart – from the skin down to the bones, and putting it back together again – is a perspective that fuels her work as a bodywork practitioner and makes her a much sought-after teacher. Her “Painted Horse,” which has served as the backbone for presenting equine anatomy since Equinology started, was showcased in United Kingdom’s BBC television program “Country File” in 2001.

Since 1994, Debranne has been the lead instructor for more than 200 equine sports massage and anatomy courses to more than 2,000 course participants in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada. She holds the Equinology® Master Equine Body Worker Certification and is the author and facilitator of the unique Equinology® Equine Body Worker Certification Course, which is the signature course for Equinology. This course serves as the professional qualification in the BSc in Equine Sports Therapy presented by Writtle Agricultural College and University of Essex, United Kingdom.

Debranne is also the co-founder and past Chair of the United States division of the International Equine Body Worker Association (IEBWA); a leading international association that aims to support and foster equine body work practices and ethics. She is currently the Division Head of the IEBWA for USA, Australia and New Zealand.


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